About Us

About Us

YouShare is an online application that aims to help you to increase subscriber on your YouTube channel. Our YouTube growth machine will change any links that you share, into short urls that are easy to share with all of your viewers.

Currently YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms with visitors reaching 40 million every day. It's so big that everyone watching videos online is mostly watching on YouTube.

On average YouTuber earn money through ads around $1- $5 per 1000 views. This means the more subscribers, the more views your video has and the more money you get from advertising.

For businesses, more subscribers will bring legitimacy to your brand. YouTube is the perfect platform to turn the target audience into customers for good by displaying entertaining or informational video about your brand.


Why use YouShare?

YouShare is a free YouTube marketing tool built to help you lift your YouTube channel to the next level!

If you just share the link as usual, then you won't gain anything. However with our tools, each of your share links will benefit you.

What does every Youtuber want most? More viewers and more subscribers, right?

Then you are in the right place. YouShare will mask your link, and to be able to open they must first subscribe to your channel.

All YouTubers want this, so what are you waiting for? Signup NOW and grow your YouTube channel faster than ever before!


Easy To Use

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